Split Ends Remover / Hair Trimmer For Dry Damaged And Brittle hair


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【Easy to Use】 Rid your hair of split ends faster and safer with our trim hair split machine.
【For all types of hair】 Designed for frizzy, curly, straight, thick or thin hair as long as the hair is chin-length or more prolonged. Frizzy hair may require you to flat iron your hair before using our trim hair split machine. Results may vary depending on the customer’s previous hair condition.
【Rechargeable Battery included】 Power Adaptor: Bi-Volt 110-240 Volts. Use plugged-in or wireless. Charge the battery before use for 3 to 4 hours. Comes with a fixed (1/4″) trim setting and accessories. Convenient for storage.
【New and Sealed】 Easy to open the packaging. The product requires a Fully Charged Battery in order to work as intended. Place small strands of hair from start to finish to get the best result and texture. Thanks to the user manual, the buyer can discover all the functionalities before using our trim hair split machine and the care necessary to preserve the unit in optimal conditions.
【Ideal Gift 】 This hair trimming device is the best gift for any family member or close friend.


1. Slide the Lock ON under the device to the Lock OFF position and open the development board.
2. Select the button with the left and right arrows on the front of the device and press the button. The motor will turn on when the button is pressed (the screen will light up and display the battery level), and the motor will turn off when the button is pressed again. In addition, when you switch the device from one hand to the other, you need to change the buttons of the left and right directions to ensure that the direction arrows are facing the bottom surface when using. (The red colour light means that it needs to be charged)
3. Put a small part of the hair on the central guide plate at the top of the hair plate. This product is specially designed to trim the hair strands that can only enter the blade.
4. Treat each section of hair 3 times to ensure even trimming around the hair when you are done. After finishing each small hair piece, clip it to the side separate from the untreated hair. Select another small part of the hair and repeat the treatment until the working surface is complete.


Size: 750x600x450mm
Speed: 6200rpm
Standard accessories: wide tooth comb/styling clip/
Cleaning brush 1/4 control head 1/8 control head
Direction gear: two gears
Energy-saving power: 3 watts
Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Charge and discharge time: 2 hours

Package Content:
1*hair trimmer

Wide tooth comb*1
Modelling clip*2
Cleaning brush*1
4 control heads*1
8 control heads*1

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 80 cm

Black no box, Black




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