New Water Fight Water Polo Toy / New Exotic Water Balloon Ball Toy


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1. It will not be damaged when thrown out, and can be recycled and used again without causing environmental pollution.
2. Collision or squeeze to automatically open.
3. Automatic suction, put it in the water and automatically suction, no need to use a faucet to take water.


Product information :

Product category: Spoof
Specifications: 6CM
Material: Silicone
Control method: Force control
Color: Snow White*1, Sapphire Blue*1, Azure Blue*1, Wheat Straw Yellow*1, Fluorescent Green*1, Princess Pink*1,Mixed colors 10packs

Packing list:

Water fight water polo toy*1


Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 25 cm

Snow white, Sapphire blue, Blue sky, Wheat straw yellow, Fluorescent green, Princess powder, Mixed colors 10packs, Mixed colors 4packs, Mixed colors 6packs, Mixed colors 8packs, Mixed colors 12packs, Mixed colors 24packs, Mixed colors 60packs, 6pcs set, Fluorescent green 6pc, Blue 4pcs, Snow white 3pc, Blue sky 3pc, Fluorescent green 3pc, Princess powder 3pc, Sapphire blue 3pc, Wheat straw yellow 3pc, Blue sky 5pc, Blue sky 8pc, Fluorescent green 5pc, Fluorescent green 8pc, Princess powder 5pc, Princess powder 8pc


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